Chelsey White Is a Baking Wizard, and These 20 TikTok Videos Prove It

Celebrities and Charli D'Amelio aren't the only people taking over TikTok right now — the people that make up the food industry are also popular on the app, and after watching a few videos, it's not hard to see why. Chelsey White, a baker from New York, creates tons of fun and unique cakes to show her more than 600,000 followers. During a typical 60-second video, she shows us how to make her creative and mouthwatering desserts in easy steps. Not only are Chelsey's TikTok's fun to watch, it can also be quite satisfying to scroll through her videos as she carefully puts icing on a cake. Keep reading to see some of her best baking TikTok videos, but we're warning you: you might get hungry in just a few seconds!

Is There Anything Better Than Sprinkles?

One Word: Oreos

You Can Never Have Too Much Chocolate

Rainbows All Day

Adorable Penguin Cupcakes

Hello, Strawberries

Cookie Cake Heaven

Holiday-Inspired Frosting

A Grinch-Inspired Cake

Cookie Dough Cupcakes

We're Seeing Fireworks

Two Cupcakes in One

A Funfetti Celebration

Frosting Trick

Drip, Drip, Drip

Fall Foliage Fondant

Oozing Chocolate

Standing Tall