Costco Has Color-Changing Confetti Cups, and They're Way More Affordable Than Starbucks's

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It's a fact: Costco has everything. The affordable bulk retailer is filled with amazing products from copycat Lululemon leggings for a fraction of the price to a cozy couch that's almost as iconic as Restoration Hardware's Cloud Couch itself and everything in between. The latest and greatest find was discovered by Instagram blogger @costcobuys, and wow, is it good. A more affordable version of the Starbucks confetti cups, the Manna Color-Changing Confetti Plastic Tumblers 12-Pack ($15 in store, $20 online) are 24 ounces, come with colorful straws and lids, and change color when cold beverages are poured inside them.

One shopper called the new items "perfect for the summer," while another mentioned that they "already have the other ones that are shaped like coffee mugs!" Whether you're having a warm-weather bash or you like to enjoy your happy-hour sips in a cheersworthy cup, be sure to check out these knockoff Starbucks tumblers the next time you're strolling down Costco's vast aisles. Until then, we'll keep our eyes out for more copycat Costco finds. Cheers to that!