From Copycat Chick-fil-A Nuggets to Knockoff Lululemon Pants, These Are Costco's Best Items

Costco: the holy grail of affordable things in bulk. The fan-favorite retailer has never ceased to excite shoppers with its electrifying selection of great items, and for good reason. The iconic $5 rotisserie chicken and the Kirkland-labeled goods that double as wow-worthy dupes (read: copycat Lululemon leggings for a fraction of the price) have captured customer's hearts and wallets, and now TikTokers are taking to their platform to share their most amazing finds. Complete with boba-filled brown sugar popsicles, Chick-fil-A-inspired nuggets, and a cozy couch that's almost as iconic as Restoration Hardware's Cloud Couch itself, it's not hard to see why Costco members are so loyal to the brand.

If you haven't already, be sure to get out your Costco card and get ready to shop. These killer Costco finds will fill every room of your home with happiness, we can guarantee it. Whether you're craving coffee that's as good as Starbucks for a quarter of the price or you're dreaming of remodeling your work-from-home setup, Costco has got you covered. Enjoy!


Costco Copycat Chick-fil-A Chicken Nuggets

Craving Chick-fil-A? These lightly breaded chicken breast chunks just cure you instantly. All you have to do is cook them up any which way you please, and add your own homemade dunking sauce. Pro tip: make these on Saturday night so when you start craving Chick-fil-A on Sunday, you'll have these on hand.


Costco Lounge & Co. Crash Pillow

Imagine a gigantic dog bed, but for humans — that's what the Lounge & Co. Crash Pillow is (but better). Available at Costco, this adult-size pillow can be compared to an oversize bean bag chair and is made of high-density foam for an uber-comfortable sitting experience.


Costco Copycat Lululemon Leggings

FYI, you can get almost identical Lululemon leggings from Costco. Yup. For just 14 bucks, these sleek leggings will wow you with their comfort and style.


Costco AMC Movie Tickets

Um . . . this information seems like it should be more well-known, but at least we know it now! Here's the tea: you can snag a four-pack of AMC movie tickets for only $12 at Costco. How that's possible we don't know, but we'll take it!


Costco Pureology Dupe Moisture Shampoo

Do you care about your hair? Then you need this shampoo. It's only $9, and it nourishes, hydrates, and restores hair. Be sure to grab the conditioner while you're at it!


Costco Brown Sugar Boba Ice Milk Bars

Boba in popsicle form? Say less. Costco is selling 12 boba bars for under 14 bucks, and they are all sorts of delicious. Creamy, filled with boba bits, and flavored with rich brown sugar, these bars will become your new favorite post-dinner treat.


Costco Workout Hoodies and Pants

Looking for cheap workout clothes? Costco carries Champion, Adidas, and Nike brands, so tell your wardrobe to get ready for a revamp. Complete with leggings and hoodies, you're about to dress to impress for an affordable price.


Costco's Gilman Creek Macon Fabric Sofa

The Macon Fabric Sofa is modern, sleek, and comfortable. And dare we say it's giving us serious Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa vibes? While it only comes in gray, its contemporary design, comfortability, and price make it worth it. Movie night, anyone?


Costco Tresanti Adjustable Height Desk

Take your work from home setup to the next level when you get this adjustable desk. It features two USB inputs, a wireless desktop charging station, a dry-erase-compatible glass top, and a height that can be adjusted. It's super sleek, meaning you'll feel ultraprofessional.


Costco Steamed Dumplings

Costco's dumplings have been all over the internet lately, and for good reason. They are incredible! You'll get 36 dumplings in a pack, and wow, are they delicious. Enjoy them for every meal of the day if you so please.


Costco Starbucks Iced Coffee

OK, if you love Starbucks, I hope we have your attention. For $11, you can get two jugs of Starbucks's iconic coffee. YEP. Just add ice and your favorite milk, and you'll be able to enjoy the flavors of your favorite coffee retailer at home.


Costco Twisted Healthy Treats Frozen Yogurt

Low fat, flavorful, and only 110 calories per cup, this healthy froyo is just what you need for your after-dinner treat. Made with probiotic yogurt, what's not to love about this 18-pack of wonders?


Costco Kirkland Hard Seltzer

With the same flavors as White Claw's original lineup (grapefruit, black cherry, mango, and lime), these hard seltzers are a steal. They come in a 24-pack and will only cost ya 18 bucks, so get 'em while you can! Summer is coming!


Costco SeaPak Garlic Butter Shrimp

Hello, seafood-lovers! Costco is selling garlic butter shrimp for just $14 per box, and at two pounds per package, you're getting a (big) bang for your buck. Whip up everything from fettuccine Alfredo to stir-fry in minutes when you have this easy shrimp to pair with it.


Costco Pull-Apart Cheese Bread

Tell us, is there anything better than warm cheese-covered bread? We think not. This huge slab from Costco is just as delicious as one might imagine, so be sure to grab it the next time you're craving carbs.


Costco The Comfy

If you've never seen The Comfy, get ready for your life to change for the better. This comfortable hybrid between a blanket and a jacket is just as amazing as it sounds, and you can buy it at Costco. Wear it for lazy movie nights, long car rides, and so much more.


Costco Copycat LazyPants

Looking for the sweatpants of your dreams? Go to Costco. These copycat LazyPants come in super-cute colors and sell for only 20 bucks. Pair them with a hoodie, and you'll enjoy ultimate comfort.


Costco Jumbo Lounge Chair

A giant bean bag for only $130? Take. Our. Money. This Costco find is plush, comfortable, and perfect for swan-diving into after a long day. Movie marathons, here you come.


Costco Kirkland Signature Espresso Blend Coffee

Calling all Starbucks-lovers! ICYMI, Costco sells Starbucks blends for way cheaper than what the actual coffee company sells them for, so it's time to stock up! Just add oat milk, and you'll feel like you're at your local Starbucks.


Costco Island Way Sorbet

If you've never had the Island Way Sorbet, you MUST. Complete with the most tropical and tasty flavors of all, these sweet treats are all you need if you're looking for a pick-me-up.


Costco Caramel Macchiato Cups

Uh, Costco sells cups that are full of a caramel macchiato dessert, and they look delicious. Complete with whipped cream, caramel sauce, and a creamy filling, we suggest getting these, and getting them fast.


Costco Woozoo Globe Multi-Directional 5-Speed Oscillating Fan

Costco has killer home goods, and this fan has to be one of the best products on the market. With five speeds and a full-function remote and digital touch control, this fan will blow you away with how sleek it is. Now that's cool.


Costco Albanese Gummy Bears

For just seven bucks, you can get a two-and-a-half-pound bag of gummy bears from Costco. Yup. These Albanese gummy bears are soft and plump, and they come in the most drool-inducing flavors. Need we say more?


Costco Cookies

OK, here's a hack you need to know. You can get frozen cookies straight from the bakery at Costco, and damn, are they affordable. Take 'em home, pop 'em in the oven, and enjoy all the cookies you can handle.


Costco Mangohelada Mango Chamoy

Sweet and spicy, these too-good-to-be-true frozen treats will step up your freezer selection like never before. Complete with eight cups of mango-and-chile-flavored desserts, you'll be craving these every hour of the day.


Costco Kirkland Signature Meatballs

Rich, hearty, and seriously good, if you're not picking up the frozen meatballs at Costco, you're missing out. Complete with 140 juicy meatballs, these will last you meals on meals. Who's ready to dig in?


Costco Frigidaire Portable Self-Cleaning Ice Maker

Forget making ice yourself, Costco is here to save the day. This Frigidaire makes ice in less than 15 minutes, meaning your drinks are about to be ice cold. Enjoy!


Costco Crème Brûlée

Uh, a cup of crème brûlée for only one dollar? Yes, please! You can get an eight-pack of this mouthwatering dessert at your nearest Costco, and boy, is this a steal. Complete with glass cups that you can reuse, we suggest getting more than just one box.


Costco Birthday Cake Granola

Sweet and hearty, this birthday-cake-flavored granola goes hand-in-hand with yogurt, fruit, pudding, and more. It's not super sweet, meaning you can even try tossing it in salads, too. The options never end!


Costco BarkBox

Turn your pups into major Costco fans when you get them this cute BarkBox. Complete with Costco's finest foods (have you had the hot dog?!) and the iconic membership card, every pooch will swoon in delight.


Costco Honolulu Cookies

Want to take your taste buds on a tropical trip? Simply pick up these shortbread chocolate chip macadamia Honolulu Cookies. They pair well with coffee, ice cream, gelato, and more. The options are endless!


Costco Mediterranean Margherita Flatbread

For $13, you can get 10 individually wrapped pieces of Mediterranean Margherita Flatbread that can be ready to eat in just 10 minutes. Warm, cheesy, and full of flavor, this flatbread is all you need to make for the ideal appetizer or side dish.


Costco Trü Frü Frozen Chocolate Covered Raspberries and Strawberries

Fruity, fresh, and filled with mouthwatering flavors, snag the Trü Frü raspberries and strawberries ASAP! Choose between milk and dark chocolate, and enjoy! Pro tip: put them on frozen yogurt or ice cream for a real treat.


Costco Calvin Klein Casual Comforter

PSA: Costco sells the Calvin Klein Casual Comforter! For just under 30 bucks, this down comforter is machine washable, and wow, is it cozy. Pair it with your favorite sheets, and a good night's sleep is sure to follow.


Costco Tramontina 2-Pack Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

If you've been on the hunt for a dutch oven, this is the thing for you! This two-pack comes with durable ovens that are cute, tasteful, and chic, meaning they'll look great in your kitchen. Now get cookin'!