Costco Is Selling Jumbo Pink Doughnuts Topped With M&M's, and There Are Just No Words

Costco has done it again. In fact, there's a hashtag dedicated to that very notion filled with nearly 10,000 posts, and if there's one thing the wholesale chain really excels at, it's oversize items. (Giant three-pound lobster claws, rich four-pound carrot cakes, and popcorn bags the size of a small child are just a few examples.) Now, Costco is causing a stir with shoppers yet again thanks to its jumbo pink icing doughnuts topped with M&M's.

Much like the doughnut that recently popped up at Walt Disney World, Costco's is also about the size of a person's head. Though the doughnut is currently only available in stores throughout Australia, it's definitely possible it will make its way over to the States at some point. After all, what's more American than a comically large Simpsons-style doughnut?