Costco's Selling Cotton Candy Grapes Again! Get Your Hands on Them Before It's Too Late

Cotton candy grapes took the world by storm when they were first popularized, and the fandom is still going strong. The green grapes not only smell like cotton candy, but they actually taste like it, too! So when a certain retailer — thank you, Costco — revealed it has them in stock once again, our excitement levels skyrocketed.

Costco announced it is selling its Organic Cotton Candy Green Seedless Grapes for $9 per three pounds, but it's not clear how many locations have them in stock. According to Cooking Light, there's a Reddit thread where shoppers are calling out locations that have the extrasweet grapes. And with the warmer weather upon us, these grapes are perfect to snack on all season long. Here's a tip: put them in the freezer and prepare to have your mind and taste buds blown.