In an Effort to Increase Plant-Based Offerings, Dunkin' Has Added 41 Vegan Doughnuts to Its Belgium Menu

Vegan or not, more and more people are opting for plant-based foods than ever before, and Dunkin' Donuts knows the demand. The coffee shop now offers a handful of vegan items like avocado toast on vegan sourdough, a beyond sausage breakfast sandwich, and a slew of dairy-free milk alternatives, and while all of that is a good start, the Dunkin' in Belgium is ahead of the game. The overseas Dunkin' branch is selling more than 40 vegan doughnuts in adorable designs and unique flavors like "banana rainbow" and "peanut butter and jelly" via delivery — and they'll be available in all Belgium stores to buy in-person by mid-May. Dunkin' announced the news through its Dunkinbe Instagram, and already commenters are asking for the plant-based doughnuts to come to the US.

While there's no official word from Dunkin' that a North American vegan donut will exist, there is a likelihood that the US stores will see vegan doughnuts on its shelves in the future — Dunkin' is a US-based company, after all! In any turn of events, we can certainly admire the cuteness of Belgium's vegan doughnuts from afar and hope that one day (soon) we can pick these treats up for ourselves.