Gushers Covered in Chili Powder Are a Popular Snack, and Definitely Don't Knock It Till You Try It

Dulces enchilados, which are essentially candy (usually Gushers) covered in some kind of chili powder, have been a popular snack for a while now, and we're kinda mad we didn't try it sooner, because it is so good. Who doesn't love a sweet and spicy snack that's also easy to make? All you need are Gushers (or another similar candy like Skittles or gummy candies), powdered sugar, Chamoy sauce, and your choice of Mexican spices, the most popular being Tajín, a seasoning typically found on the rim of a Michelada. Chamoy is a Mexican sauce that includes a mix of chile peppers, lime juice, and fruit such as mango or apricot and is usually drizzled over fresh fruit. While the combo might sound mismatched at first, we promise it's delicious and addicting.

To bring everything together, combine five tablespoons powdered sugar with two tablespoons Chamoy, mixing until fully combined. Then coat your candy with the mixture and add your spices to taste (there are no correct measurements, as some people like more spice than others). And that's it! Keep scrolling to see how drool-worthy these Gusher enchilados are, and if you're feeling extra spicy, try whipping up some of your own.