Cool, Cool, We Just Found Out We've Been Closing Cereal Boxes Wrong This Entire Time

From making tiny pancakes to sealing a bag of chips without a clip and just about everything in between, TikTok has really opened our eyes to some brilliant hacks right out there in plain sight. Next up in "how the heck didn't I know this?" lessons from the social media platform: properly closing a box of cereal. To maximize all cereal crunchiness potential, the wizards of TikTok suggest opening the box, then turning the side flaps and the bottom flap inward. Next, fold in the side corners of the box. Finally, bend the top flap inside the already-formed creases, and BOOM!

A minor deep dive revealed that the box-folding trick was initially posted last month by user katybee2020, who so kindly added that it works best if you don't tear open the top when opening (tempting, we know). Videos about the freshness-saving hack have been trickling in across the internet ever since, and after trying it ourselves, we can confirm that it is indeed genius. Check out helpful videos of the cereal box hack ahead, and follow along yourself to achieve maximum breakfast freshness.