Aldi Is Selling Halloween-Shaped Pasta, and Spiders Never Looked So Delicious

I don't know why, but shaped pasta tastes so much better than regular pasta, doesn't it? I know they're the same exact thing, but Spongebob-shaped macaroni seemed like a luxury to my brother and I when we were kids. Even in my mid-20s, I still stand firm in my belief that shaped pasta tastes better (it's the perfect vessel to hold sauce, after all), which is why I'm more than thrilled that Aldi is selling Halloween-shaped pasta!

Consider this a warning to immediately clear a shelf in your pantry, because at just $2 per 17.6-ounce package, you're going to want to stock up on this seasonal favorite ASAP. Combine your choice of sauce and favorite cheeses with spider, pumpkin, and bat-shaped pasta for a spooky dish. And as if shapes aren't fun enough, the pasta is also tri-color with hues of orange, purple, and yellow. Quantities are limited, so make sure to bump an Aldi run to top priority on your to-do list.