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Healthy Food Processor Recipes

8 Healthy Recipes You Can Make With a Food Processor

Apples and Brussels Sprouts Slaw
Image Source: Cookin' Canuck

The food processor is a wonderful thing if you're looking to eat healthy. Who doesn't love a machine that chops, purees, mixes, and makes cooking prep easy? You don't? If you're sitting there rolling your eyes and thinking "I never even use that thing," dust it off and take it out of that high-up cabinet you probably have it hiding in. There are a lot of healthy things you can prep with that nifty tool, from salads to homemade granola.

These recipes will inspire you to give that bulky tool a prominent spot on your kitchen counter with their promise of tasty meals that basically make you look like a Top Chef contestant. Name someone else you know who is shredding Brussel sprouts like a pro or whipping up falafel for dinner on a Tuesday? That can be you: just keep reading to see how.

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