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Healthy Summer Snacks With Avocados

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Source: Hass Avocado Board

Together with Love One Today®, we're showing you how easy (and delicious!) it is to make snacking healthier just by adding fresh avocado.

It's safe to say that avocados may never not be trending. The avocado is the forever darling of millennials, Gen Z-ers, and Gen X-ers alike for their creamy texture and rich taste that levels up pretty much any dish, including those midday snacks. But along with being oh so delicious, did you know that avocados are oh so good at helping you maintain your wellness goals? Fresh avocados, which are a good source of fiber, can be a satisfying addition to a reduced-calorie diet when eaten in place of other fat sources.

Fiber-containing foods like avocados help provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories, helping save you from being tempted by those not-so-nutritious snacks. If you're trying to stick to a wellness plan that includes eating more nutritiously, look no further than the trusty avocado — add it to your midday snack to help you feel energized and fueled up between meals without knocking you off the healthy course. An avocado-full snack is one you can feel good about craving and indulging in whenever you need a little pick-me-up. Snacking on fresh avocados can be a part of maintaining a healthy diet.

Keep reading for five registered-dietitian-approved recipes that make avocados the star of the snacking show, and head to to get the complete nutritional info as well as tips on how to refrigerate your avocados so you can stock up and delay the ripening process.