Keep Your Fridge Kardashian-Level Perfect With This Genius Soda Can Hack

Keeping your fridge clean and organized can be a hassle, especially after a large grocery trip. While you might know where things need to be stored and how to make your fridge look beautiful, fitting everything neatly inside can turn into a puzzle-solving mess. But the internet has found an elegant solution to storing soda cans that will make organizing your drinks super easy (and SO fast).

TikTok user @theorginalrealtor shared this soda unpacking tip, and our lives will honestly never be the same. All you have to do is open one side of a soda pack, place it on the shelf, unseal the opposite side and then push the cans while pulling the box away. The cans will stay lined in perfect rows, just like they were inside the pack. With this hack, you can organize your beverages Kardashian-style in about 15 seconds flat.