Kevin Bacon Whispering His Way Through a Mango Tutorial Is Both Soothing and Sensual

Kevin Bacon has shared a tutorial for his daily "morning mango," and if that sounds like a euphemism for something sensual, it kind of is. In his third-ever TikTok, the actor demonstrated how he prepares mango, which he evidently enjoys every morning — so early in the morning, in fact, that Kevin is whispering throughout the entirety of the tutorial because his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, is still sleeping.

"I have to keep my voice down because you-know-who is still asleep," Kevin said in the tutorial that isn't not ASMR. "I just wanted to show you my morning mango routine." Kevin then proceeds to gently score cubes onto the mango, which he then turns inside out, before simply adding lime, chili powder, and sea salt. A revelatory culinary creation? Certainly not. An absolute delight to watch, however? Yes.

This "morning mango" situation comes shortly after Stanley Tucci memorably shared his negroni cocktail recipe, which was similarly sexy in an unexpected and inexplicable way. Please enjoy Kevin's tutorial, as well as a few choice reactions from the internet, ahead.

Watch Kevin Bacon's "Morning Mango" Tutorial on TikTok

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