Klondike's Ice Cream Doughnut Bars Come in 3 Classic Flavors, Including Boston Cream

Ice cream cakes and frozen cookie sandwiches better watch out, because Klondike has combined ice cream and doughnuts into one chocolate-covered dessert and my tastebuds are already watering. The Klondike Donuts come in three classic pastry flavors, including Triple Chocolate, Frosted Strawberry, and Boston Cream. Available for pick up and delivery at stores like Kroger and Walmart, the chilled ice cream doughnuts come in packs of six for $3, which means you can basically eat one every day of the week before it's time to stock up again.

You can also use the Klondike store finder to check the availability of the ice cream bars and see who's delivering them in your area. If you do decide to pick up a box during your next grocery run, be sure to take the proper safety precautions and wipe down your purchases before you enjoy your new frozen treat. Take a look at what's on the inside of each doughnut-inspired ice cream bar for yourself ahead.