Surprise! Magnolia Bakery Just Released Gluten-Free Banana Pudding

Classic vanilla cupcakes aside, Magnolia Bakery is arguably most famous for their creamy banana pudding. The distinguished dessert is so popular that people all across the country flock to New York City, LA, Chicago, and anywhere else they have a location to taste it for themselves. And because we know many of Magnolia Bakery's fans have been patiently waiting for a gluten-free option, we're so excited to say that that's finally happening!

In honor of National Banana Pudding Day, Magnolia Bakery will be launching gluten-free banana pudding for the first time ever on Thursday, August 27. *Cue the clapping and cheering!* The professionals over at Magnolia have spent a long time working on this secret project and after much searching, were finally able to find a gluten-free wafer brand that could keep up with their high demand. It's their most treasured dessert for a reason, right?! The iconic bakery teamed up baking brand Kinnikinnick to create the perfect combination of creamy vanilla pudding with a signature banana taste — minus the gluten, of course.

Depending on how big of a sweet tooth you have, the gluten-free banana pudding will be available for purchase in stores with options varying from small to large containers, starting at just $5. Local delivery is also available as well as nationwide shipping via Goldbelly, where you can buy a 64-ounce bowl for $58 plus shipping. Whichever route you go, the long-awaited gluten-free dessert is officially here and she is beautiful, so get in on the fun and purchase yours now.

Ned Semoff | Magnolia Bakery