15 Mouthwatering Ways to Have Breakfast Like the Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond's face should appear next to the definition of "comfort food" in the dictionary. What tops the list of The Pioneer Woman's best recipes is most definitely breakfast, from buttery homemade biscuits to crunchy cinnamon sugar french toast. If you want to pretend like you're on the ranch with the Food Network star herself, keep reading to find 15 of the most mouthwatering breakfast recipes she has shared, and then make them for yourself.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


Over-Easy Eggs With Breakfast Potatoes

Breakfast potatoes are an easy, classic, and timeless morning staple. Pair them with eggs of any style, sausage patties, and fresh veggies.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's breakfast potatoes


Fluffy Pancakes With Fresh Fruit

Make a breakfast to impress when you whip up these delightful pancakes. They're fluffy and rich and will definitely fill you up.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's pancakes


Breakfast Burritos

Wake up and smell the breakfast burritos! These bad boys are loaded with meat, veggies, eggs, and cheese, meaning breakfast really will be the most important meal of the day.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's breakfast burritos



Nothing says breakfast quite like crispy waffles. Topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and warm syrup, these waffles make sure every bite is a treat.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's waffles


Skillet Eggs in Tomatoes

Saucy tomatoes meet gooey eggs in this skillet recipe. The whole meal can be made in one pan, meaning the clean-up is super easy.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's eggs in tomatoes


Chicken and Waffles

Buttermilk, chicken, and sweet syrup go hand in hand to create this morning treat. It's filling and hearty, so you can start your day fortified.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's chicken and waffles


Crunchy Cinnamon Sugar French Toast

You've never had French toast until you've had Ree Drummond's crunchy cinnamon sugar French toast. It's crispy, crunchy, sweet, and oh so delicious. Bring on the syrup!

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's crunchy cinnamon sugar French toast


Pizza Waffles

Make breakfast the best meal of the day when you whip up these pizza waffles. They have all the classic flavors of dinner with a quirky breakfast twist.

Get the recipe Ree Drummond's pizza waffles


Buttery Biscuits

You may have had biscuits, but have you had the Pioneer Woman's biscuits? They're perfectly buttery, rich and warm, and exactly what dreams are made of.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's biscuits


Biscuits With Cheddar, Cayenne, Sausage, Fried Egg, and Hot Sauce

Give the people what they want — aka hearty biscuit breakfast sandwiches! They include warm cheese and rich sausage stuffed into a buttery biscuit. They make waking up a whole lot better.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's biscuit breakfast sandwiches


Steak Bites and Fried Eggs

Small but mighty, these tasty steak bites pair perfectly with runny eggs and crunchy toast. They'll fill you up for the day and have you dreaming about tomorrow's breakfast.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's steak bites


Sausage and Kale Strata

Meet the make-ahead breakfast casserole of your dreams! This sausage and kale strata is packed with good-for-you veggies and loaded with meat. Enjoy!

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's sausage and kale strata



Imagine: a runny egg cooked into a warm piece of toast. This egg-in-a-hole recipe will soon become one of your favorite breakfast meals, so get ready to enjoy it all the time!

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's egg-in-a-hole recipe


Breakfast Quesadillas

Bacon, onions, bell peppers, jalapeños, eggs, and cheese are married together to make these mouthwatering breakfast quesadillas. The crunchy tortilla shell makes them that much better.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's breakfast quesadillas



Cooking up crunchy bacon doesn't have to be a hassle! Ree Drummond's bacon recipe is painless and easy, meaning breakfast can be on the table before the coffee's even done brewing.

Get the recipe: Ree Drummond's bacon recipe