Disney World's New Strawberry Dole Whip Float Is Topped With Freakin' Pop Rocks!

Remember the thrill of tossing an entire Pop Rocks packet into your mouth as a child? Well you can now experience the nostalgia of that distinct tingling sensation at Disney World, thanks to the theme park's new I Lava You Float.

Now available at Magic Kingdom's Sunshine Tree Terrace for $7, the dessert concoction is inspired by Pixar's Lava short film and offers quite the tropical explosion of flavors. It starts with a swirl of orange Dole Whip, then gets doused in strawberry Fanta, strawberry and passionfruit syrup, and strawberry-flavored popping candy. Are you salivating yet?

Disney's beloved FOMOsa may want to sleep with one eye open, because the I Lava You Float just might snag its coveted spotlight. Excuse us while we edit our Disney World food bucket list to put this new offering at the tippy top.