Costco Is Selling a Giant Container of Ranch Seasoning That We Intend to Put on Everything

If you already have a Costco membership, then you know just how amazing that place is. And if you don't have one yet, allow us to introduce you to the reason behind you rushing to sign up. The wholesale store is selling giant containers of ranch seasoning, and we intend to put it on just about everything.

McCormick's clean and simple Ranch 3-in-1 Seasoning Dip and Salad Dressing Mix is gluten-free and contains no added MSG or artificial flavors, making it a healthier alternative that doesn't skimp on flavor. According to shoppers who have spotted the seasoning, it costs $5 and is available in Texas, the Bay Area, San Diego, and Northeast Costco warehouse regions. But since Costco loves to satisfy its customers, we have a feeling these giant tubs of ranch seasoning will be everywhere in no time. We've already mentally added it to our carts!