You Butter Believe This Drizzled Birthday Cake Popcorn Is Covered in Rainbow Sprinkles

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As someone with more than a few food allergies, finding a premade snack that's delicious but won't upset my stomach later can be . . . a challenge. Made with common food allergies in mind, Safe + Fair's line of drizzled popcorn flavors might just be my new go-to for when I'm craving something sweet and salty. All of the popcorn flavors are vegan, gluten-free, shellfish-free, peanut-free, and free of tree nuts, making them a safe snack for most diets.

Available online for $5 per 7.5-ounce bag, the treat comes in four flavors: Key Lime Pie Popcorn, Birthday Cake Popcorn, Blueberry Cobbler À La Mode Popcorn, and Dark Chocolatey Popcorn. I call dibs on the chocolate one! If you're looking to sample all four flavors, the brand also offers a $40 bundle of eight with two bags of each. Keep reading to take a closer look at the sweet new flavors and order them for yourself.