Selena Gomez's Mini Pizza Bites Involve Spray Cheese: "Just Trust Me"

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Selena Gomez has prepared dozens of elaborate meals under the guidance of world-renowned chefs, but her go-to snack isn't exactly gourmet. As part of a "Party Tricks" segment for Vanity Fair shared on Feb. 15, the star and "Selena + Chef" host shared the recipe for her favorite late-night snack: mini pizza bites. "This is what I eat usually when I'm tired and/or happy and/or sad, all of the above. It is my late-night snack," she said before delving into the list of unconventional ingredients.

"This is what I eat usually when I'm tired and/or happy and/or sad, all of the above."

In place of fresh mozzarella slices or heaps of parmesan, the recipe begins with a can of yellow cheese spray. "Yes, that sounds weird, but just trust me," Gomez said. Additional ingredients include Ritz crackers and pepperoni slices. "You can use any cheese you want, obviously, but this one's pretty fun," she added.

Next, Gomez demonstrated how to structure the Lunchables-style snack: begin by holding up a cracker and spraying on "as much as you want" of the cheese spray. "Go ham, if you feel like it," the "Only Murders in the Building" actor said. Once the cracker is loaded with cheese, press a pepperoni on top and apply a second layer of cheese. Close the "pizza" bite with an additional cracker and repeat until you have as many snack-size sandwiches as your heart desires.

After all the pizza bites have been assembled, load them up onto a tray and pop them in the toaster oven for five minutes. Let them bake until the cheese is "all melty and gross" and the pepperoni is hot. "You could add peppers if you want or just embellish as you will," Gomez said.

While she has several hours of experience in the kitchen, Gomez made sure to give credit where credit was due for the cheesy pizza bites. "Growing up in Texas, my mom, dad, stepdad, and family would always get together and watch basketball games or football games," she explained in the video. "One time, my stepdad decided to make a quick snack because everything we were cooking was taking far too long. So he created this little cheese-it recipe."

Beyond whipping up a quick snack before bed, Gomez said she's also made the pizza bites for friends. (Perhaps her bestie Nicola Peltz Beckham?) "It's like a pizza," she said after taking a bite. "It's like a tiny pizza. It's so good. You guys have to try this. It's amazing. You have a little bit of spiciness from the pepperoni, and then you have the cheese, which is just rich and creamy, and the crackers are warm and salty."

Watch Gomez make her favorite late-night snack above, and see how to make a complementary pizza salad.