Hungry For Horror? These Skeleton Charcuterie Boards Are Filled With Tricks AND Treats

There's nothing better than a mouthwatering array of meats and cheeses — that is, unless it's Halloween-themed! Halloween charcuterie boards are nothing new, in fact, there are all kinds of seasonal cheese displays (including, but not limited to, Valentine's Day, Easter, holiday, and birthday boards). But this year, fans of horror and gore decided to take things to the next level and add skeletons to their savory selection, and if this isn't haunting enough for Halloween, we don't know what is. Complete with skulls and body parts of all kinds, charcuterie boards are now more bone-chilling than ever.

From displays featuring skeleton hands surrounded by meats and sweets to boards that highlight some of your favorite Halloween characters (yes, there's a skeleton-version of It), the charcuterie board inspo is endless. Whether you want to fill your selection with carefully curated cheeses or you'd rather overload your taste buds with sweets, these boards can be customized to you and your fangtastic cravings. Ahead, see some of the best skeleton-theme Halloween charcuterie boards, and get ready to get creative.