Starbucks's New Mystery Coffee Creamer Flavor Has Been Revealed — So Who's Up For Toffee?

Starbucks's coffee creamers seem to be the gifts that keep on giving. On Dec. 4, the coffee giant announced a new addition to its line of sweet coffee creamers, and it was a mystery only a true caffeine-lover could solve — until now! After hosting a contest to see who could guess the mystery flavor without any hints, Starbucks has revealed the dessert-like new flavor: Toffeenut Latte Creamer.

Buttery and rich, the new creamer is infused with the flavor of toasted nuts and sounds like it'd pair perfectly with some freshly baked cookies. Other flavors in the line of sweet creamers include White Chocolate, Cinnamon Dolce, and Caramel Macchiato — yum! The new flavor definitely pays homage to Winter, and I can't wait to sit back in some cozy pajamas and sip away all season long.