Starbucks's Teacher-Inspired Notebook Tumblers Come With Reusable Pencil Straws

Whether you're up at 2 a.m. grading papers or writing them so you don't fail your History class, chances are there's a cup of coffee lingering nearby. In honor of all the teachers who have dedicated themselves to helping students at home and in the classroom, Starbucks released a limited-edition Paper and Pencil Cold Cup. The 24-ounce tumbler is available for $16 and can only be found in select grocery stores and Starbucks locations inside Target locations, so I will be looking for one ASAP.

If you are looking to grab one of these stationery-themed cups for the teacher or student in your life, remember to take proper CDC-recommended safety precautions. Starbucks has now reopened over 85 percent of its stores across the US and expects more than 90 percent of our stores to be open by early June. Starbucks has also implemented more thorough cleaning and sanitizing protocols in stores. While baristas still can't fill orders using customers' reusable cups, they can still honor the 10-cent discount for customer who show their personal cups when ordering. Keep reading to take a look at the teacher-inspired cold cups and pencil straws ahead.