It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere: Order Starbucks's Secret Raspberry Mojito Drink Any Time of Day

While Starbucks's Secret Menu has always had tons of fun and delicious drinks centered on candy, Girl Scout cookies, and even movies and TV shows, my favorite development is the recipes based on alcoholic drinks. Yep, you read that right! Created by Holly Walker on, one of the newest concoctions is a raspberry mojito-themed drink, and it looks so delicious. It's made with both raspberry and peppermint syrups, so you know it definitely tastes like an actual raspberry mojito (minus the alcohol, of course). And it involves an extra tasty twist 一 the drink also includes kiwi, starfruit, and lemon flavors. What a fun combination!

It's five o'clock somewhere, right? To order the (virgin) raspberry mojito drink either on the Starbucks app or at the store, here's what to ask for:

  1. Ask for a venti Kiwi Starfruit Lemonade with light kiwi juice.
  2. Ask for four pumps of raspberry syrup.
  3. Ask for one pump of peppermint syrup.
  4. Ask for one scoop of dragonfruit inclusions and no kiwi inclusions.
  5. Thank your barista and leave a tip if you can!

If you'd like a different size, try not to stress, because the recipe doesn't change much. All you'd need to change is the number of pumps of raspberry syrup: three for a grande and two for a tall. According to my friend who used to work at Starbucks, the drink won't taste weird with less raspberry syrup and the same amount of peppermint syrup, because the peppermint isn't super strong and you'd need a whole pump of it.

Regardless of the size you're in the mood for, this drink will clearly explode with flavor. It's also a gorgeous dark pink color 一 so, in other words, you'll probably see it on my IG soon. With all the taste and beauty and none of the hangover symptoms, this drink is a win-win! It's a great way to relax and cool down, especially during the summer.

For other fun "alcoholic" secret drinks from Starbucks, we obviously suggest the one that tastes like Malibu — it's basically lemonade with coconut milk and vanilla syrup 一 yum!