Sorry to Disappoint, but the Starbucks "Under the Sea Refresher" on TikTok Isn't Real

Sometimes, we love TikTok, and sometimes, we have to ask . . . where's the line between our TikTok For You Pages and reality? The app holds so many amazing recipes, tech tips, mental health practices, workout challenges, and more, so when you see something as magical as a Little Mermaid Starbucks refresher — a combination of the classic Disney movie and a Starbucks fan-favorite beverage — going viral, you want to believe it's true. The so-called "Under the Sea Refresher" on TikTok is as blue as the ocean, with gummy worms that float inside the cup. But, as many eager Starbucks and Disney fans have now found out, if you try to order it from your local Starbucks, you'll quickly learn it doesn't exist. (Sorry for all the false drink requests, baristas!)

Basically, the TikTok Under the Sea Refresher started as a joke from TikTok user @hannahgalligan24, but with over 7 million views on the original video, it's easy to see how this prank might have slipped through the cracks. Granted, viewers aren't thrilled at the joke, largely because it looks really freaking good. Fortunately, if you still want to make the Under the Sea Refresher for yourself at home, there is a way to do it. According to the TikToker, simply mix together some Sprite with blue Gatorade for flavor and color, and drop in some gummy worms. Whatever you do, just don't expect to order this viral TikTok drink at your local Starbucks.

The TikTok-Viral "Under the Sea Refresher"