Chocolate-Filled Marshmallow S'mores Kits Are Now at Walmart, and My Lazy Self Is Drooling

Lazy s'mores-lovers, rejoice: those famous chocolate-filled marshmallows now come in an easy-to-assemble s'mores kit, so you never have to complete the oh-so-arduous task of perusing multiple grocery store aisles for your dessert ingredients ever again. Now available at Walmart for $6, the nifty kits contain one bag of Stuffed Puffs' chocolate-injected marshmallows, which are practically begging to be melted into ooey-gooey oblivion, along with two sleeves of graham crackers to sandwich said 'mallows and provide that crunchy outer layer. S'mores may technically be labeled as a classic Summer treat, but I personally intend on spending my Fall nights cozied up to an open fire with one (or two) of these kits on hand and a fuzzy blanket nearby. Who's with me?

Stuffed Puffs' S'mores Kit

Stuffed Puffs' Filled Marshmallows