These Mister Rogers EncourageMints Will Give You Fresh Breath (and the Courage to Talk to a Neighbor)

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If you grew up loving Mister Rogers (and honestly, who didn't?), then you know just how much his wise words of encouragement could mean. Even his signature "Hello, neighbor" was enough to put you in a good mood and remind you to be kind to those around you. And now you can keep that reminder with you all the time with these cute Mister Rogers EncourageMints Mints ($5).

The mints, which come in a tin that features Mister Rogers in his iconic red sweater right next to King Friday XIII, will give you pepperminty fresh breath that'll give you the confidence you need to get out into your own neighborhood and make a few new friends. Whether you gift these to a friend or stock up on them for yourself, the sweet nostalgia of it all is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. So, the next time someone asks if you have any mints, you'll make Mister Rogers proud by being a good neighbor.