Trader Joe's Is Selling Packs of Sparkling Strawberry Juice For $4, and Life Is Sweet

We can't get enough of delicious fruit flavors, and that very much includes in beverages! Trader Joe's is now selling Sparkling Strawberry Juice, and our minds are already racing at the endless ways we can enjoy it. The juice, which is just 60 calories per can, combines the fresh, sweet taste of strawberries with the fun, refreshing feel of sparkling water. It's a great substitute when you're craving something soda-esque but want something a little less artificial. We always love seeing what new products are introduced by Trader Joe's throughout the year, and we think this new beverage will be a new favorite in no time (we loved last year's watermelon flavor). In addition to enjoying it on its own, we plan on using it as a cocktail mixer, too. And at just $4 per pack, we'll definitely be stocking up! Keep reading to see more of TJ's newest sparking juice.