This Voiceover Actor Reviewed Fast Food French Fries, and the Video Is Both Relaxing and Hilarious

There are just some things in life that are better when they're of the finer, expensive variety: wine (generally, although it might be all in our heads), luxurious skin-care products, and even nice sheets. One thing that doesn't fall into that category? French fries.

The beloved snack and side dish comes in a variety of ways, from being smothered with spices and cheese to being perfectly crispy, but let's be honest — some of the best French fries come from fast food chains. Because this is a widely known fact, there has been much debate about which restaurant has the best fries. We've ranked our favorites, but we can't help but watch this French fry review by voiceover actor Stefan Johnson (@s_johnson_voiceovers) on TikTok over and over and over again. Why? His voice is so freaking soothing, and his commentary is hilarious.

In the video, Johnson showcases his silky smooth voice as he goes reviews a few key fast food French fries, analyzing and rating them for their crispiness, consistency, salt ratio, and potato fluffiness. It's the kind of warm voice that gives off serious ASMR vibes.

Set to jazzy, soothing background music, Johnson starts by rating Rally's/Checker's fries. He gives them a 7/10 before making his way through more popular chains, including McDonald's fries, which Johnson gives the worst rating of the bunch with a 4/10, and Arby's, who Johnson says "is, was, and always will be absolute trash, but they have a damn good fry." Who comes out on top? Popeye's, which gets a well-deserved 10/10. Johnson matter-of-factly (but hilariously) states, "Everything at Popeye's BANGS including these." Watch the video above and be prepared to immediately deal with a serious French fry craving!