Heard People Talking About Ranch Water? Here's How to Make the Deliciously Refreshing Drink

I'll admit that when I first heard of ranch water, I was confused. Why in the world would someone want to mix water with their ranch dressing? But as it turns out, ranch water has nothing to do with watered-down dressing. Instead, ranch water is a deliciously light and refreshing cocktail that's great for sipping in the summer — and, I'd imagine, even better if you're sipping it on an actual ranch!

This popular Texan cocktail is reminiscent of a light, crisp margarita and is incredibly easy to make and only takes a few ingredients: tequila, lime juice, and Topo Chico, which is a bubbly mineral water. The type of tequila you use is entirely up to you, and given the simplicity of the drink, you certainly don't need to be reaching for any top-shelf stuff. The Topo Chico, however, is pretty nonnegotiable. Tonic water just doesn't have the same bubbly effect that Topo Chico does, so don't skimp on this ingredient.

When it comes to crafting the actual cocktail, I personally do equal parts tequila and lime juice, add some ice, and then top it off with the Topo Chico. That's it! It's supereasy and delicious, and there are plenty of ways to get creative with it — add a salt rim, try a flavor-infused tequila, etc. Whether you want to add your own flair or keep it simple, this drink is bound to make your summer nights a little more enjoyable!