File Under Things We Didn't Expect: McDonald's Has "McSpaghetti"

Can you imagine being able to fulfill a spaghetti craving by heading to McDonald's? I'm talking about McSpaghetti, the a dish of sauce-drenched noodles available at McDonald's locations in the Philippines. Plenty of people seem to love the unique option when they feel like venturing from the predictable chicken nuggets and famous fries. While not traditionally Italian, McDonald's take on spaghetti is a box of long pasta topped with a generous portion of tomato sauce and shredded cheese. The marinara-like sauce is topped with either ground beef or sausage pieces similar to cut-up hot dogs. You can even order McSpaghetti with a fried chicken leg! It's always interesting to learn about McDonald's orders around the world — take a look at the popular spaghetti ahead.