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Couple Lives in a Converted Military Truck

This Couple Lives With Their Dogs in a Converted Military Truck, and It's Tiny Home Goals

Couple Lives in a Converted Military Truck

When Trevor and Kourtney Smithson first met, they bonded over a shared desire to live small and travel full-time. Little did they know at the time, they'd soon be doing exactly that in a retired military truck they now call home. You read that correctly — the couple completely transformed a 1998 Stewart and Stevenson M1078 carrier truck, which was formerly used to transport soldiers and cargo, into their very own tiny home on wheels. And yep, it's just as cool as you'd imagine.

"There were so many days when I questioned what the hell we were doing, but I knew it would be worth it once we were on the road."

Trevor and Kourtney scored the bulky vehicle in a military auction during the Fall of 2017 and began the renovation process about a year and a half later. After removing the truck's back portion, Trevor built a 130-square-foot shell from scratch, welding steel into a box-like frame and decking it out with plumbing, electric, custom flooring, and even a handmade shower deep enough for his wife to bathe in.

"He literally built me my dream house," Kourtney told POPSUGAR via email. But the process surely wasn't easy. Of the makeover, which Trevor completed in just six weeks, she added, "There were so many days when I questioned what the hell we were doing, but I knew it would be worth it once we were on the road."

Come February 2019, the married duo moved out west with their newly revamped truck; their two rescue dogs, a Doberman named Duke and an English Bulldog named Louis; and their pared-down personal belongings, including just eight items of clothing each. Their home has the hallmarks of any regular ol' house: a kitchen sink, stove, oven, toilet, shower, television, and a queen-size bed. Plus, cozy decor accents line the walls and shelves, making the space quite the far departure from its rugged origins.

You may be wondering to yourself, "OK, this is cool and all, but how the heck do these two make ends meet while living on the go?" Trevor is a stuntman and does special effects work, while Kourtney runs advertising for a handful of small businesses. They both also photograph weddings on weekends, and Kourtney edits the footage during the week while they travel. Speaking of traveling, they pretty much drive their truck wherever their photography gigs take them, and locations so far have included Arizona, Virginia, Utah, Colorado, California, Nevada, and Texas. Sounds like a pretty fun lifestyle, right?

Although Kourtney and Trevor agree that frequent mechanical issues have been the biggest struggle of life on the road, they appreciate their flexible lifestyle for different reasons. Kourtney told POPSUGAR she loves "the constant change and the adventure of every day. You never know what you're waking up to or where you'll be sleeping that night." Meanwhile, Trevor added, "My favorite part has been the ultimate peace I've gained these last few months and the new perspective on life."

Interested in learning more about Kourtney and Trevor's one-of-a-kind home? Follow their Instagram account, @WazimuLife, to stay up to date with their adventures, and keep reading to take a peak inside their cozy haven.

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