People Are Using Baby Yoda as Their Christmas Tree Topper, and It's Almost Too Pure For Words

Bright stars or beautiful angels normally grace the tops of Christmas trees, but this year, a new trend has emerged that has me seriously reconsidering my decor choices: Baby Yoda tree toppers! People have been sharing their new and unique toppers featuring The Child on social media, and they are so freaking cute.

In case you somehow missed it, Baby Yoda (aka Grogu) is the cutest star of The Mandalorian. He looks just like Yoda from Star Wars, but is so much more adorable (those eyes!). While I'm sure you've already scored things like Baby Yoda stocking stuffers or Baby Yoda hot cocoa bombs for all your obsessed friends, the holiday season just won't be complete without one of these precious little figures keeping an eye on things from on top of your tree.

You can buy a Baby Yoda tree topper yourself, like this Whiskey Witch Boutique Baby Yoda Tree Topper ($21), or use a plush Baby Yoda doll, like this The Child Plush ($25). Keep reading to see how people have been stying their Baby Yoda toppers for some design inspiration of your own!