This Kid-Friendly Ghost Flying Through Your Window Is the Ultimate No-Fuss Halloween Decoration

Oriental Trading
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Spooky season is finally upon us, which means it's time to select ghoulish decorations for a Halloween to remember. For an easy setup and a kid-friendly appearance, look no further than the adorable Boo Breaker Halloween Decoration ($35). This delightful smiling ghost comes in two pieces. You simply suction-cup the ghost's front to the outside of a window and the tail to the window's inside, and voila! Now, you have a gleeful spirit bursting right through your window for the neighborhood to enjoy.

Made of polyester and suction cups, the Boo Breaker is strong enough to withstand chilly autumn weather. Best of all, the ghost's suction-cup application allows you to move it wherever you'd like whenever you like, since the cups can be used over and over again. Feel free to get a single apparition or a whole gang of ghosts to make your home as monstrously fun as it can be!

Boo Breaker Halloween Decoration

Boo Breaker Halloween Decoration

The Boo Breaker Halloween Decoration ($35) is available through Oriental Trading's website. By attaching the ghost's front half to the outside of your window and the back half to the inside of your window, you'll create the cute illusion of a friendly ghost passing through your home. Made of polyester, the Boo Breaker is able to handle outdoor conditions, and its suction cups make it easy to install and remove at the end of the season.