This Day-Drinking Candle Is Mojito Scented, So Light It Up Before You Get Lit

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Adulting is hard. From work to bills to dating, keeping up with everyday life can be a lot sometimes. Which is why we love a little thing called day drinking. Participating in this beloved activity from time to time on weekends is fun, because who doesn't want to enjoy a mimosa at noon? Sometimes all you really need is a drink while it's still light outside, so if you've got no shame in your day-drinking game, you need this Whiskey River Soap Co. Day Drinking Mojito Scented Candle ($25). It smells just like Saturday . . . and Sunday . . . and maybe even Monday sometimes.

The bright lime-colored candle is handmade and has a burn time of 60 hours, so you have lots of time to enjoy it while sipping on your morning pick-me-up. This candle makes for a perfect gift for yourself, because, well, you deserve it, or a fun gift for any of your fellow day-drinking friends!