These $17 Candles Fill Your Home With Magical Scents of the Disney Parks

Ever wish you could bottle up the magical essence of the Disney parks so you could enjoy it far after your trip is over? Same here. Thankfully, a handful of creative geniuses out there are using their keen senses of smell for the greater good by re-creating those recognizable Disney-specific scents in the form of delightful candles. One of those geniuses is Ashton, the founder of Walter and Rosie Candle Co. (aka our newest obsession).

Walter and Rosie is the source of numerous candles that perfectly capture the aroma of various aspects of the Disney parks, from the resort lobbies and attractions to the tasty foods we know and love. Just one sniff will instantly transport you to the happiest place on earth.

The nostalgia-inducing scents are available in the form of either an 11-ounce candle or a cubed wax melt. It's important to note that they go in and out of stock pretty frequently, as the company is on the small side, so we suggest signing up for its newsletter to stay in the know about restocking info. Ahead, you can shop all of Walter and Rosie's glorious, Disney-inspired candles. Get those credit cards ready!

Best Day Ever

Scent: Every day spent at a Disney park is the best day ever, obviously, so this one mashes up various scents into one. It smells like "cotton candy and orange combined with licorice blossom and red fruits, all on top of a vanilla cream base."

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)


Scent: If you frequently stay at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, you'll love this candle. Walter & Rosie describe it as "Aloha with a touch of sweet melon and creamy coconut."

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)


Scent: Without Walt Disney's creative animations, all of our favorite Disney characters wouldn't exist. This scent apparently smells just like the lobby of Disney's Arts of Animation Resort and has "a fruity scent with a mango base." Yum!

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Foolish Mortal

Scent: Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion . . . and to one of the tastiest scents ever. This one smells like "a spooky combination of warm vanilla and woody undertones."

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Thank the Phoenicians

Scent: This "firewood based scent" mimics Disney's Spaceship Earth attraction, where visitors learn fun facts about the history of human communication. It gets its namesake from the fact that the Phoenicians invented the ABCs.

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Harambe Lemonade

Scent: If you've ever enjoyed a refreshing watermelon lemonade at Animal Kingdom, you'll love this scent, which is pretty darn close to the real deal.

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

The Flight

Scent: With "a warm mossy scent with a touch of oak and an added light floral background," this one's an ode to the brand-new Pandora park at Disney World.

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Main Street Bakery

Scent: Ah, the sweet smell of the Main Street Bakery. This is has "a delicious aroma of fresh vanilla cake." Need we say more?

Price: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Bubblegum Wall

Scent: The famed "Bubblegum Wall," with its pink and blue color-blocked paint, is definitely one of the most Instagrammable parts of Disney World's Epcot park. To pay homage to the popular spot, this candle smells like "fluffy pink bubblegum."

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)


Scent: Inspired by Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby, Jambo smells like "grains of sandalwood accompanied with a touch of mahogany."

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Afternoon Tea

Scent: Ever been to the Garden View Tea room at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa? Then you'll love this aroma, which is described as "lemon scented tea with a touch of sugar."

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Main Street Confectionery

Scent: "A candy-like scent with touches of sweet vanilla," this aroma will make you feel like you're smack-dab in the middle of Main Street.

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Pineapple Float

Scent: Calling all pineapple float devotees — this is the candle of your freakin' dreams! It smells like "golden pineapple blended with creamy coconut."

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Race You to the Castle

Scent: "Notes of orange and grapefruit are sweetened with pineapple" to make this energizing scent. Sniffing it will certainly give you the pep in your step to beat anyone to Cinderella's castle.

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Started With a Mouse

Scent: If you always find yourself craving the caramel popcorn from the Disney parks, you'll go crazy for this heavenly aroma.

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Grey Stuff

Scent: Lumiere wasn't lying when it said the "grey stuff" is delicious! This yummy scent is the "perfect blend of milk chocolate chips, vanilla, and brown sugar."

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Breakfast With the Mouse

Scent: Fill your entire home with the aroma of "sweet, warm maple syrup" with this scent, which is an ode to the breakfast experience offered at Chef Mickey's restaurant.

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

The Land

Scent: Dedicated to The Land at Disney World's Epcot, this one smells like cucumber melon. Yum!

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)

Mouse Keeping

Scent: This citrusy aroma is "the perfect blend of grapefruit and bergamot," the latter of which is known to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Pricing: Candle ($17) or Wax Melt ($6)