Friendly PSA: Trader Joe's Has Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees For Just $11

Trader Joe's may be known for its reasonably priced food items and impressive frozen section, but the grocery store is proving to be more than just a place to stock up on cotton candy grapes and cauliflower gnocchi: it has quality plants! In addition to the selection of succulents and pretty flowers, shoppers have recently spotted fiddle leaf fig trees at Trader Joe's locations all over the country, and they're just $11. The very photogenic tree has been taking over Instagram for a while, but Trader Joe's has made the daunting and often expensive task of going to a plant store so much easier.

Don't worry, future plant people, fiddle leaf fig trees are relatively low-maintenance. It's ideal to keep them somewhere they can get plenty of sunlight, and to water them when the top inch of soil is dry. Check out some photos of the fiddle leaf fig trees at Trader Joe's ahead, and run to your local store to get one ASAP.