Show Your Houseplants How Much You Care With These 31 Funny Plant Names

POPSUGAR Photography | Becky Jiras
POPSUGAR Photography | Becky Jiras

If you've collected your fair share of plants (no matter if they are large indoor plants or convincing fake plants from Target) over the years, it's safe to say you've committed to being a plant parent — congratulations! Not only do plants transform your most intimate spaces with oxygen and biophilic design, they also become a part of the family. Being a green parent comes with all sorts of quirks, like talking to your plants, playing music for them, buying them the best planters, and naming them, among other things. Of course, you don't have to do all of these, but identifying your leafy greens with funny plant names definitely has many benefits and zero downsides.

Not only will humanizing your plants help you speak out loud to them more often (which is good!), but it'll remind you of your plant's weird necessities . . . like how Christofern likes indirect sunlight and how Teeny Weeny only needs to be watered a few times a week. It takes some getting used to, but once you've established your cute plant names, your care for them will only get better. If you're interested, have a look at a few funny names for plants that we've come up with, ahead.


Funny Plant Names: Regina George

Regina George is the perfect funny plant name for any half-pink plant.


Funny Plant Names: Holly Golightly

For a plant whose nickname is string of pearls, the name Holly Golightly seems appropriate for a cute plant name. (Rewatch "Breakfast at Tiffany's" if you don't get it!)


Funny Plant Names: Monterey Jack

Since monsteras are known as "swiss cheese plants," we just had to give it a cheesy plant name.


Funny Plant Names: David Rose

Out of all the cute nicknames for plants, you'd have to name your greenovia dodrentalis — succulents that resemble roses — after the true star of "Schitt's Creek". Ew, David!


Funny Plant Names: Gillyweed

Another cute nickname for plants is Gillyweed, a fictional plant from "Harry Potter" that allows humans to breathe underwater when it's consumed.


Funny Plant Names: Stretch Armstrong

For a rubber plant, the name of this retro toy makes a great plant name idea.


Funny Plant Names: Prick

This funny name for plants reminds you not to get too close to your cactus, it may prick you!


Funny Plant Names: Teeny Weeny

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini . . . but "she" is a plant. If you remember the Yoplait Yogurt commercial or know the song, you'll get the reference for this cute plant name.


Funny Plant Names: Fernie Sanders

Funny names for plants don't make you feel the Bern like this one does.


Funny Plant Names: Kitty Purry

Out of all the other funny plant names, might as well name your prayer plant after Katy Perry's cat, Kitty Purry, since prayer plants are non-toxic to pets.


Funny Plant Names: Velvis

The philodendron micans' leaves are so soft, they feel like velvet. Take it up a notch with a funny plant name inspired by a velvet Elvis painting.


Funny Plant Names: Salad

OK so you're not going to eat your plant as salad, but how funny is it to name it one?


Funny Plant Names: Creep

"So I creep, yeah, just creepin' on . . ." This trailing plant has a mind of its own, hence the name Creep. Playing TLC's "Creep" to your plant is a nonnegotiable.


Funny Plant Names: Morgan Treeman

We can almost hear Morgan Freeman's calm voice just looking at this tree.


Funny Plant Names: Devil's Snare

Another funny name for plants from the Harry Potter series, a devil's snare plant is known to constrict or strangle anything that comes in its path.


Funny Plant Names: Melonie

The watermelon peperomia is known for its watermelon-esque design, hence its cute plant name, Melonie.


Funny Plant Names: Silver Fox

The silver pothos' leaves develop a cool silvery design, making the funny plant name "Silver Fox" totally fitting.


Funny Plant Names: Nervous Nancy

Nervous Nancy only makes sense for a plant nicknamed a "nerve plant."


Funny Plant Names: Tree Diddy

Just look at this tree, it's a total puff daddy.


Funny Plant Names: Mandrake

Harry Potter stans . . . need I explain? A mandrake plant is a loud plant with a human-like root in the Harry Potter series.


Funny Plant Names: Orlando Bloom

Among the funny plant names, we have included the actor's name because if you want your Chinese evergreens to bloom, it only makes sense to name it after the actor.


Funny Plant Names: Blue Ivy

Because it'd be rude NOT to name your ivy plant after Beyoncé's daughter, Blue.


Funny Plant Names: Robert Planttinson

If you're an R-Patz fan, the plant name Robert Planttinson will make your heart throb.


Funny Plant Names: Medusa

In Greek mythology, Medusa had wild hair made out of venomous snakes. So naturally, this is one of the greatest names for plants.


Funny Plant Names: Burnie Sanders

Sorry, we had to throw in another Bernie pun to this list of funny plant names! When in doubt, heal your burns with a little aloe vera.


Funny Plant Names: Figlicious

There's fergalicious, and then there's fiddle leaf figilicious.


Funny Plant Names: Halleighhoya

This plant is called the hoya linearis, and you'll rejoice having it around your home.


Funny Plant Names: Marty

Since this is called a zebra plant, it only makes sense to give it an appropriately funny plant name after Marty, the zebra, from "Madagascar".


Funny Plant Names: Charlotte

Charlotte's web is the cutest story, and Charlotte is among the many cute plant names for spider plants!


Funny Plant Names: Bill

Money trees are supposed to bring good fortune, which is why naming it Bill (like a dollar bill) is so fitting for a cute plant name.