You May Have to Buy New Bathroom Towels More Often Than You Think

It can be tricky to figure out (and remember) how often we should replace household products — especially bathroom towels. You use them to dry off after getting clean and you wash them frequently, so chances are, if you're like me, you've had your bathroom towels for years. But exactly how long are we supposed to hold onto them before we should toss them for new ones? Turns out, the expert-recommended amount of time is every two years.

"Because towels are used daily and washed frequently, they tend to fray and tear after a couple of years," says Leanne Stapf, chief operating officer at The Cleaning Authority. "They typically lose their absorbency around the two-year mark, which is a good indicator that it's time to replace them."

Of course, there's some flexibility with this rule and some types of towels may last longer than others. "Laundering, use, and heat will, over time, put a strain on the fibers of your towel which will eventually lead to it becoming stiff and less comfortable to use," says Rachel Ward, founder of Lüks Linen. "If you're using a flat weave towel, you can extend its shelf life into double figures. A good quality loomed peshtemal will get softer, not stiffer over time, and doesn't benefit from fabric conditioner or the inside of a dryer." Rachel also suggests opting for natural fibers, such as cotton or bamboo, when purchasing towels.

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