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Kitchen Appliances That Cut Down on Clutter

Cut Down on Clutter! These Are the Kitchen Appliances You Actually Need

Image Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

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If you're like most people, your kitchen holds a mix of appliances you use all the time, along with gadgets you only use once in a blue moon. While those categories may differ depending on the home cook in question — you might think melon ballers are silly, but other people swear by them! — a universally smart guideline is to supply your kitchen with essential kitchen appliances. Think about it: instead of having three little devices that accomplish different tasks, a single device with multiple functions can get the job done just as well. Talk about efficient. Plus, how nice is it to free up space in the kitchen? It doesn't matter whether someone has a teeny-tiny kitchen in Manhattan or a sprawling spot in the country — everyone likes a little more room in cabinets and drawers.

Feeling inspired to go through your stuff, donate what you don't use, reduce your clutter, and choose your kitchen items wisely? Great timing. Luckily for you, Bed Bath & Beyond is having an enormous sale right now, offering deep discounts on small kitchen appliances and useful tools. So if you're ready to do the whole "buy it for life" thing (which is truly satisfying), keep reading to see some simple swaps that can keep your kitchen so tidy and so very enjoyable to cook in.

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