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The 15 Best Lazy Susan Organizers For Cabinet Storage

Maximize Cabinet Space With These 15 Lazy Susan Organizers

The 15 Best Lazy Susan Organizers For Cabinet Storage
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Lazy Susan organizers make the world go 'round — literally. Between their ability to rotate 360 degrees, reduce clutter, and keep things both tidy and visible, lazy Susans are basically standard organizing products on steroids. You may remember your parents or grandparents using lazy Susans as table centerpieces. While lazy Susans still make for excellent serving trays (especially for big families or large gatherings), they've evolved over the years, and have forever changed the way we organize cabinet space.

Nowadays, a standard lazy Susan cabinet organizer has two tiers with raised rims for optimal storage and to prevent items from falling over. However, a really good lazy Susan organizer will include all the above, but with one tier having dedicated compartments for smaller loose items. Ideally, those compartments would be adjustable. Speaking of, if your cabinet space allows, consider a lazy Susan that is height adjustable so you aren't limited to what products your organizer can hold. Albeit, never underestimate the organizational power of a single-tier turntable. Depending on your cabinet's facade (like if it's exposed), a one-tier lazy Susan may just do the trick!

Utilizing a lazy Susan cabinet organizer that turns 360 degrees will make everything you do so much easier — locating items, taking inventory, restocking, and so on. Don't be afraid to use lazy Susans outside of the kitchen, too. These cabinet organizers are great for makeup, hair accessories, and cleaning supplies.

As you can tell, lazy Susans vary by height, tiers, compartments, and more. From savvy food-storage solutions to cookware organizers, we found so many helpful options. Find the lazy Susan organizer that fits your cabinet space and organization needs ahead.

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