26 Pantry Organization Ideas That'll Make Your Life a Lot Easier

If you want to finally organize your pantry this year, you may be looking for some tips on how to do so. Finding the time and knowing what to do can be difficult, especially if you're busy or have tried (and failed) in the past to keep the space clean. If you feel overwhelmed at the idea of keeping your pantry organized consistently, you're not alone ー we're right there with you! To help, we rounded up some pantry organization tips from Instagram, and they're all really helpful and easy. From adding baskets or other organizers to using labels to quickly identify what you need, this tips will make a huge difference in your pantry (and your life).

Take *All* Foods Out of Their Original Containers For Consistency

Add Drawers

Buy Differently Sized Containers

Label Each Container

Put Items of the Same Color Together

Keep Your Food and Kitchenware in the Same Area

Use Clear Containers So Labels Are Optional

Let Cans Stand Alone, but Put Loose or Bagged Items in a Container

Face the Labels Outward So You Can Easily See What’s There

Put Grab-and-Go Unpackaged Snacks in Outward-Facing Containers For Easy Access

Use “Stairs” So You Can Stack (and Still See) Multiple Layers of Cans

Add Shelves to an Open Closet Space

Use Baskets and Plastic Containers

Use “Lazy Susans” For Easier Accessibility to All Items

Add Shelves to the Pantry Door

Slide a 3-Tier Trolley in For Extra Space

Keep Similar Containers Together

Don’t Remove the Slide-In Images For Consistency

Use Hooks For Pots and Other Kitchenware

Have Designated Candy Drawers

Use Jars

Put Spices in a Spice Rack

Get a Bag Sealer to Eliminate Excess Space