Naomi Osaka Bought Her House From Nick Jonas, So of Course It's Massive — See Inside!

Naomi Osaka's drive and dedication to tennis have truly paid off in recent years. In addition to winning a Grand Slam title in three consecutive years, beating Serena Williams, being ranked No. 1 by the Women's Tennis Association, appearing on the cover of Vogue, and being the highest-paid woman athlete in the world, the 23-year-old was also named the Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year for 2020.

And all of Osaka's success comes with some very well-deserved perks, like her nearly $7 million mansion in Los Angeles. The home, which she bought from Nick Jonas in 2019, comes with five bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms, and is an impressive 4,129 square feet. The pool offers amazing views of the surrounding hills, and the modern design is incredibly sleek. Basically, it's the perfect house to relax in before winning another US Open. Keep reading to go inside Osaka's gorgeous home!

Sliding Glass Doors

Naomi's home highlights the beautiful nature that surrounds it. The large glass doors merge the inside with the outside, making the space feel light and airy.

Modern Furniture

How cool are these white patio chairs? The modern design is minimal but still extremely stylish.

Backyard Details

Her backyard is lined with pebbles and greenery that give off calming vibes. There's enough greenery to make you feel connected to nature but not so much that it's overwhelming.

Neutral Materials

The minimalist design of the home makes it feel like the perfect place to recharge and relax.

A Pool With a View

How amazing is the view from Naomi's outdoor pool?! Imagine going for a swim at sunset here.

High Ceilings

The high ceilings and windows really open the space up. Plus, they help make sure there's enough room to comfortably rock out for dance parties.

Driveway Design

Not only does Naomi's driveway have beautiful lines of greenery between the stone, but her garage is also stunning (definitely not something we thought we'd ever say about a garage!). The deep wood color against the gray foundation really pops.

So Many Windows

This opposite view of her pool offers a larger look at her home, which features tons of windows.

Marble Bathroom

We love the oversize mirrors in her bathroom, but the marble backsplash throughout really elevates the overall design.

Pebble Accents

From this angle her home seems beachy! The pebbles give it a resort feel like when you're walking back to you room from the water.

Ultimate Workout Space

The wood lounge chairs are ideal for catching some rays — that is, after you work up a sweat on the wooded pool deck.

Walk-In Closet Goals

Her walk-in closet has a wild amount of space. It's essentially just a whole room with a wall of shoes and great lighting.

Large Patio Opening

The big opening to the patio really makes this house feel limitless and makes it the perfect place for entertaining.

Open Space

While Osaka's house appears to be close to other homes, she has enough space to enjoy wide-open skies.

Walkways in the Yard

Because this is a celebrity's house, of course there are walkways in the yard to get from one section of the home to the other.