This Fifth-Year Candle Smells Like the Perfect College Victory Lap

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Surviving college is no easy task. It seems like the mountain of homework, exams, readings, and presentations never stops, and of course, there's the dark, looming cloud of student debt. Many of us couldn't wait for graduation day, to pose for a photo while gripping our new (but empty, LOL) glossy degree booklet. And while we're both excited and nervous to enter the real world, we're also a tad bit jealous of fifth-year students who get to live out a few more glory days. If you're second guessing staying an extra semester, Whiskey River Soap Co. is here to help celebrate your victory lap.

The company teases that the Candle For the Fifth Year ($19, originally $24) smells like "re-taking classes and crushing debt and lots of keg stands." The candle description hilariously jokes that while parents might not totally get it, college kids are learning "mad skills right now," like how to shotgun a beer in under 30 seconds or being able to list every Four Loko flavor. In all seriousness, we know fifth-year students are working hard toward completing that diploma while still being able to have some fun along the way.

Don't let the purple color fool you; the handmade candle is pseudo-craft-beer-scented, making it the perfect early grad gift for any fifth-year student. It has a burn time of 60 hours, giving students plenty of time to decorate their caps while cherishing all the memories made during their victory lap.