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Trader Joe's Is Selling Venus Flytraps For $5!

Ahem . . . Trader Joe's Is Selling Venus Flytraps, and They Cost Just $5

Trader Joe's Is Selling Venus Flytraps For $5!
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tara Block

Oh, snap! Like really though, *snap*, because Trader Joe's is selling Venus flytraps that will lock in every insect in your home! The bug-trapping plants, which sell for $5 (although the price can vary from Trader Joe's locations), capture flies in their little mouth-like traps. Each "trap" or "mouth" contains nectar that attracts bugs, and once the bugs land on its thin hairs, the trap gets activated, shuts closed, and starts the process of dissolving the bug. After about a week, the Venus flytrap's mouth will open back up for its next prey, which, by the way, is super intriguing to watch! Venus flytraps prefer direct sunlight, so stick 'em by your windowsill, water them every two to three days, and watch them thrive. See more of Trader Joe's Venus flytraps ahead.

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