Your Old-School Pyrex Glassware May Be Worth Thousands!

After years of joking about our grandparents' vintage Pyrex glassware, it looks like we're finally getting the last laugh, because this stuff is worth thousands. According to Today, those notoriously bright, floral-printed dishes are being sold for up to $1,850 online. With one "very rare" red mug going for $700, a "hard to find" blossom breeze bowl for $900, and many more outrageous Etsy Pyrex sales, it looks like we'll be scrounging around our relatives' houses for these goods.

The most valuable items are those with floral or geometric patterns and were made between 1915 and 1970. After 1970, the company changed its infamous glassware formula from borosilicate to soda-lime, and the dishes became a bit less durable than before. Now, the vintage kitchen storage items are a lot more valuable because of their ability to go in the oven, refrigerator, or freezer effortlessly.

With Pyrex fan Facebook groups and buzzing Instagram hashtags, it looks like this vintage obsession is here to stay. Read on to see some photos of the vintage Pyrex glassware, and check your cabinets ASAP!