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You Can Ripen an Avocado Faster With These 2 Kitchen Essentials

There's nothing worse than browsing your supermarket's avocado stash only to find out that not. a. single. one is ripe. Before you raise your hands in an angry fury, stop! We have a pro tip, straight from the folks at the Hass Avocado Board: place your not-quite-ready-yet avo inside a brown paper bag with an apple or a banana for two to three days. It's that easy.

Why It Works

"The plant hormone ethylene, which occurs naturally in fruits like apples and bananas, triggers the ripening process. When combined in a brown paper bag, which helps to trap the ethylene gases produced by these fruits, these gases can cause the fruits to ripen faster together."

And with that, go forth and snag all those unripe avocados, because they'll be guacamole-ready faster than you thought. If only there was this simple of a solution for all the other struggles avocado-lovers face.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jae Payne
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