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Struggles of an Avocado Fan

10 Annoying Struggles Avocado Fans Experience

Struggles of an Avocado Fan
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

Avocados are one of life's great treasures. They've given us delicious guacamole, innovative new versions of toast, and all kinds of health benefits thanks to their vitamin-rich nature packed with essential fatty acids. When it comes to fruit, does it get any better? Ask any avo fan (aka me), and they will tell you it certainly does not.

However, as with anything amazing, avocados do have their downsides — not taste-wise, of course, but they do have a tendency to make life more difficult for fans. Read on to discover 10 struggles faced by those with a love for the trendy seeded green produce. Then, find out all the ways you can incorporate them into your beauty routine, too.

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