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Jennifer Lopez's Most Bootylicious Moments

Sit Down, Grab a Cold Drink, and Enjoy Jennifer Lopez's Most Bootylicious Moments

Premiering Her Onstage Sexy Wardrobe at the All I Have Residency in 2016

The world might constantly be divided by important debates — Democrats vs. Republicans, Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds, grape against strawberry jelly — but if there's one thing that's certain, it's that Jennifer Lopez has the most bootylicious body. The singer, actress, and producer knows how to flaunt her backside, choosing outfits that highlight her curves and calculating every pose on the red carpet to show them off. From the beginning of her career to her residency in Las Vegas, she's been celebrating her body in the most body-positive ways. Keep reading to see just 29 times through the years that we all only had eyes for her booty.

Additional reporting by Alessandra Foresto

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