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Jennifer Lopez Recites the Lyrics to "Baby Got Back"

Watch Jennifer Lopez Recite the Surprisingly Body-Positive Lyrics to "Baby Got Back"

Jennifer Lopez is known for her curves. So much so that she actually has a song called "Booty" that pays homage to her much-talked-about backside, but she's not the only one who has written about it; Sir Mix-A-Lot was inspired to write "Baby Got Back" after seeing J Lo as a Fly Girl on In Living Color, he told TMZ back in 2014.

Now, the universe has come full circle, because Jennifer just poetically recited the lyrics affectionately written about her for a video accompanying her W magazine cover story. "Some brothers want to play that hard role and tell you that the butt ain't gold," she hilariously starts. Press play above to watch it all unfold as a straight-faced J Lo reads the ridiculous (but also surprisingly body-positive) words — all while wearing gorgeous red lipstick.

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